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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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this one was her boyfriend. >> reporter: dean riopelle was alix tichelman's boyfriend till he died. the cause of death was unclear. alix tichelman was with him at the time. here is her 911 call. >> my boyfriend over dosed or something. like he is -- he won't respond and he is lying on the ground. i don't know. >> reporter: they confirm he died of an over dose. 911 conversation continued with alix tichelman sounding very sure of what happened. >> why do you think it is on over dose? >> um, because that is -- there is nothing else it could be. i know that for a fact. >> accidental or intentional? >> definitelydantal. -- definitely accidental, accidental. >> reporter: she did not tell police she administered the
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heroin to him. police in georgia are taking a second look at the death. >> looking at the similarities. we are going to go back and look at it and make sure everything that we determine to be correct almost a year ago is still accurate. >> investigators also said today alix tichelman churched for information on how to -- searched for information on how to defend herself. he tried to kick her out of her house because of her drug use. >> he tried to help people. and unfortunately didn't work out. >> they met through the site released a statement saying it does not allow prostitution and we are shocked to learn of the tragedy and we would like to convey our sympathies to the family. police said yesterday it appears alix tichelman has a pattern of not helping people
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when they are in trouble. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can learn more about the case against alix tichelman on we posted the court documents released yesterday when she was in court for the death of the google executive. highway 17 reopened all lanes 10 hours affa deadly -- after a deadly crash. ktvu's ann rubin is live in the santa cruz mountains where she spoke to the driver of the big rig about the moments right before that crash. >> reporter: we are standing along highway 17 but news chopper 2 is above us and from the air you can see traffic is finally returning to normal. the north bound lanes had been closed all day while investigators try to understand how this happened. the driver thinks he had too much weight, speed on too steep a grade. >> reporter: drivers saw him coming in the mirrors. >> you could tell his breaks were getting hot.
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>> as the tractor-trailer barreled down highway 17 there was no place to go. >> i am thinking to myself i have got to brace myself. i am going to get hit. >> reporter: some were lucky and able to escape. others were not. 7 people were injured and a 26- year-old was killed. >> this is the worse wreck i have seen. >> it was in slow motion. the owner indicated they did a safety check this morning and chp inspected the truck two weeks ago. >> reporter: the driver who has been on the job for three months says when he jammed on the breaks nothing happened. >> kept going up. >> reporter: when he saw traffic slowing he was horrified. >> i can't hit the cars. i can't hit the cars. i got to do something about it. >> reporter: 10 cars were hit. some of them mangled beyond recognition. investigators kept the north
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bound lanes closed all day. routing traffic to the south bound side. they reopened about 5:00 p.m. >> we had a fatality here. >> reporter: the name of the driver who died hasn't yet been released. one was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the truck driver tells us he would like to apologize to all the families. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. word tonight a second suspect in a armed robbery may be in police custody in santa rosa. the robbery happened at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon at bennett valley jewelers. a gunman opened the store and another man waited outside. the gunman shot a store employee in the arm. that is when the owner returned fire. the owner shot the robber twice as he tried to escape.
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>> jumped over-the-counter. [ indiscernible ] >> bullets started flying. [ indiscernible ] >> the robber is now in the hospital with life threatening wounds. the employee is expected to recover. the second suspect may also be in custody now. at this point we are working to get that confirmed by police. happening now, a vigil for a toddler who was reported missing a year ago. you can see there, a sizable crowd is on hand. infinitely tonight it appears police are no closer to finding her and deepening the mystery is the fact the girl's father apparently committed suicide in may. he told police he left her in his car at 79th and international in oakland while he went into a store. he said his mother was also in the car but she suffered from dementia. whether he return -- when he
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returned the girl was gone. 15 years in prison for selling company secrets to the chinese. he was convicted of selling the secret recipe for white pigment which he stole from engineers. it is used in a wide range of products from paint to paper. it brings in $17 billion in sales every year. he was also fined $28 million which is the amount he took from the company that bought the information. the city counsel expected to hold a meeting next wednesday to discuss a lease extension for the a's. we have been reporting on the debate about the lease. members of the city counsel want to change an agreement reached with the a's and the board. some counsel members want the a's to pay millions more but the a's say they have no plans to renegotiate. officials are scheduled to meet with the a's tomorrow. the planning commission is
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considering chevron's plan to expand its ability. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live as the hearing is just beginning. tom? >> reporter: indeed, the folks are expected to dominate the meeting once again with supporters. a small army of supporters who support chevron's view. >> reporter: last night many supporters supported richmond proud t-shirts paid for by chevron. many will benefit if the project moves forward. >> participates in the meeting including our work force, contractors, suppliers, management, community members, non-property partners. >> reporter: the he says this
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organization is nothing new. >> in the last election chevron spent a million and a half in direct money in the election. >> reporter: that is $15 for every man, woman and child in town and more money is coming for the november election. >> they will participate in the political process to support candidates. >> that is important because if the commission doesn't act in 10 days city counsel will take over the proposal so making changes to the plan could take the commission out of the picture. >> what the condition were, what modifications they wanted to make. >> reporter: communities for a better environment says the plan leaves the plant unmodernized. >> grandfather in the biggest source of the most deadly pollutant we know of, replace the rotten pipes so we don't
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have more fires and explosions. >> reporter: the fire and explosion that sent 15,000 to the hospital two years ago hasn't been forgotten or forgiven. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. state lawmakers today called called for a federal solution to the influx of undocumented children coming into the united states. this week lawmakers toured a detention center where the minors are being held at the naval base, one of three in the united states for unaccompanied children. the federal government needs to react quickly and create an appropriate solution. >> those children are here because adults have decided this is a safer place for them to be. we ought to treat them humanely. >> the federal government predicts the number of unaccompanied children crossing
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the boarder will double. last year 25,000 children entered the united states illegally. republican leaders today said they will consider the president's emergency funding if the plan includes speeding up the deportation of the children. the president wants to spend $3.7 billion to increase security along the boarder. support groups and democrats are opposing efforts to quickly return them. shoppers at one store were surprised in a good way. a mystery man asked the manager in concord if he could cover the cost of groceries for shoppers today. he says the man spent more than $600 paying the bills for about half a dozen shoppers. >> he walked up and he would wait thill transition was over and he would pay cash for it. people were just in -- they
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didn't know what was hanking. is this really -- happening. is this really happening? >> we know he got a few hugs. >> i am sure he did. you never know, maybe all those people he helped will do something nice. a thief steals three packages from homes in one day, the preference he has for the particular kind of package he likes to take. >> a field of dreams surrounded by a sea of brown, why some residents say this is a major waste of water. >> back here after the break, heating up just in time for the bay area weekend, that means fire danger coming up. we will talk about that and have specifics for your temperatures on friday. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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caught in the act. police released video of a package thief in action from yesterday. three similar thefts happened. investigators believe the suspect is driving a dark colored prius and he cases the neighborhood looking for packages. friends and relatives of 19- year-old david chen said good- bye today. he was one of six people who died in the massacre in may. the mother clutched an earn containing the ashes of her son. before the service she spoke to the media about her son. >> whenever i think he was only 19 and i will never have a chance to celebrate his 20th
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birthday. >> she said she and her family have made it their mission to prevent the loss of lives to such violence. investigators say elliott roger stabbed hip along with two other men. he them embarked on a deadly shooting spree killing three other students. 13 people were wounded before the 22-year-old took his own life. new at 6:00 p.m. students, parents, teachers and administrators converged at the capital today to discuss the funding formula for california schools. >> 200 people protested because they want more say in how the funding is spent. >> i think it is important because students know best what their needs are and they know
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what is going on in the classrooms which is something you can't get outside. >> the local control funding formula gives millions to school districts with high concentrations of low income and english learning students. the idea is meant to help students in districts that need it most. administrators said there is a correlation between criteria as the number of students who get a lunch and test results. >> you will see there is a high degree of correlation, a very strong correlation between poverty and performance. >> you can learn more about how it works and how it is impacting your school by going to click on web links. the california drought forced us to cut back on our water use but we learned about one plan that has people questions on why one part of a
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park gets water and another don't. a baseball field in livermore is grabbing the attention of residents after it was soaked. they say one section was buried in 3 inches of water. ktvu's mike mibach tells us people are questions the need to crank on the water in the middle of the drought. >> reporter: swinging for the fences, teammates digging in for softball practice where this field in livermore recently turned wet. >> the sprinklers were running an hour. >> reporter: another resident said the sprinklers were running for two hours. he was at the park when he noticed the spot turn into a small pond. >> 3 inches of water. >> at the same time some front yards in the neighborhood look like this, bone dry.
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residents doing his best following orders to cut outdoor usage in half. >> all the water i was using i dumped it on my grass. >> saying what is a waste and what isn't is a difficult question. >> because we have so many parks and the parks are so big we have been selective as to what areas we reduce. >> reporter: other parts in the city have gone brown and this field gets wet because this field gets used and if you don't water it safety becomes an issue. >> nice to have the green grass. if we are low on water everybody should have to, you know, save the water. >> reporter: at this field the grass is green and at least for now there is still time to play
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ball. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. tracking the threat of thunderstorms in northern california. we will see a red flag warning go into effect in the northeastern part of the state. we will highlight it for you. it is for lightning strikes. not expecting strong winds in the area but lightning strikes into the next 24 to 36 hours is a real responsibility. you see the moisture that is streaming up the east side. it will move into the area. be ready for that. friday, mid-day, mount shasta. fog along the host. making a press inland. it is showing up in the fairfax area and getting over the marine headlands and pushing over through mount tam. a deep marine layer. pushed in by strong winds off
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shore. on shore winds. cool, moist wind. interesting direction. most winds are westerly and that is keeping us in the mild pattern through tomorrow. strong winds die down. and temperatures start to warm up on the weekend. look at the fog bank. this is san francisco. san francisco -- look, thick too. it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning. the fog. san francisco tomorrow 66 degrees. we head into your forecast for san francisco tomorrow. san jose upper 70s. this low-pressure system kept us cool, moist, kept the fire danger at bay but it leaves tomorrow afternoon. this comes back in. high pressure. the winds start to get more northerly and warms us up. higher fire danger. 85 antioch. 86 brentwood. today, tomorrow, same fog. and saturday you notice less
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fog. warmer day inland with heat. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view you can see temperatures coming up. saturday, sunday, monday and into tuesday. we had a nice run of mild weather. things change towards the weekend and they warm up. >> the views were spectacular. thank you. coming up, giants try to even the bay bridge series. >> the a's got another great pitching performance from one of their all stars. sports is next.
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a 9-year-old girl is recuperating from a double lung transplant and talking about how great it is to breathe. >> i feel like i can breathe better than i used to. >> she got the call about an organ donation and underwent the surgery the next day. she says it was an answer to her prayers. >> after i get my lung i can run, go to the beach and i don't want to wear oxygen all the time. >> she always wears lip stick. never been on a plane but she
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hopes to fly to elval vudoor. park is off, fred is here. how about the a's. >> the biggest question by giants fans isn't did they win but rather did they score, the question from the a's fans is by how much did oakland win today. the umpire left the game in the top of the 4th after getting hit by a foul ball. the a's led 2-0 when san francisco put runners on second and third. they led hudson face cashmere. why didn't the giants pinch hit? who is left on the benches you would rather see? he gets a double. and donaldson hits the green roof for a two run homer. 20th of the year. just committed to compete in the home run derby. four runs plenty. he loads the basis and he gets
6:26 pm
tagged for a single. a's win 6-1. they outscored the giants 19-7 in the series. >> all about rhythm. you know, felt comfortable from the get go. >> almost been a playoff atmosphere. gets you pumped for the series. first time i experienced it. you know, it is everything that i heard about. everything i expected. you know, great series. >> he leads the u.s. senior open championship. green bay packers received $187.7 million last year from the television rights. that means all 32 teams received that same $187.7 million. nfl salary cap 54 million. that is $133 million. that is a lot of profit. [ talking at the same time ] [
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laughter ] >> thank you. thank you. tonight at 10:00 p.m. a leader under fire. the criticism he is facing for what some call inappropriate behavior, that is tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you are joining us. >> good night. back.
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